[Members] 2013 Board and Council Elections - questions for candidates

Peter Waher Peter.Waher at clayster.com
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Hello Subramanian

I believe it might take some time before people answer. Historically, people have had too much to do, and not had time to answer quickly. Further evidence that dividing the workload is necessary. However, federation requires trust, and in many cases, trust might be lacking.

Personally, I believe, this thread might have been confusing from the start, at least it was for me. Two new names not known to everybody (at least not known to me), apparently not members of the XSF, appeared suddenly a couple of days ago as applicants to the board of directors. Who are they? Why do they apply? (What does S. mean?) Membership is not required, but the suddenness of it, unknown names, etc., might have taken people off guard, as it did me. Most names on the lists are known (with some exceptions, like myself), and I guess people might vote on people just because their names are well known. New people and ideas might confuse things.

So, perhaps an introduction of yourselves, how you got introduced to the XSF, why you want to join the board, your hopes/visions, who introduced you and proposed that you apply, what the hopes are for those introducing you, etc. At least, these are things I'm interested in knowing, for curiosity's sake if nothing else. Some, but not all, are available in your applications. This might lighten the atmosphere and motivate more people to answer.

I, for one, welcome your initiative and driving force. I believe that such is necessary to promote XMPP and make it better and more known in new areas.

Best regards,
Peter Waher

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Hi Laura,
At 01:18 16-10-2013, Laura Gill wrote:
>In my opinion, the continued growth and development of XMPP hinges on 


Community could be defined as a group of people sharing common interests and goals.  There are supposed to be Board and Council elections.  Up to now there has only been three persons commenting about the XSF:

  1. Dave Cridland
  2. Peter Waher
  3. Laura Gill

It would be good that, at the very least, the other candidates join the conversation by sharing their views and participate in the discussions.  Otherwise, it may seem that there isn't the interest to find common goals.

 From http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xsf-people/ I see that Peter Saint Andre is the Executive Director and XMPP Extensions Editor.  If Alexander Gnauck had not stepped forward Peter would also have been XSF Secretary.  In my opinion it would be better if other persons stepped forward to share the workload.

I believe that federation starts within.  I don't see how to convince people that the XSF can help others communicate when there isn't much communication within.  There has been very little feedback from XSF members.  It is doubtful that a majority of XSF members are on vacation as it is not summer in all parts of the world. :-)

S. Moonesamy 

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