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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Tue Apr 29 10:56:00 UTC 2014


You may have noticed we have a corporation applying for membership.

As we've discussed before, this is entirely acceptable within our current

We also have a proposal to change our bylaws to make membership limited to
natural persons.

This means that on our next members meeting, we could vote in a company as
a member, and simultaneously make them ineligible.

I am, by the way, quite amused by this.

It is not wholly clear to me whether, if eligibility changes, any
now-ineligible members would be ejected - certainly there's nothing
explicit in the by-laws to cover this, so we're playing around with

So, I think our options to clarify this are:

1) We vote on the by-law change first, explicitly. This would invalidate
the application or not, depending on the vote.

2) We propose a second paragraph to §2.6:

Should the eligibility of members change such that the member would not be
able to reapply under Section 2.1, the members shall be automatically

A positive vote here would then instantly eject the new member should:

a) They be voted in.
b) The by-laws be changed.

However, the vote would be independent and stand on its own.

3) We table a motion to remove the new member contingent on the bylaw vote
being successful under §2.5.

Of course, none of these options really matter unless the members happen to
vote yes to two essentially contradictory motions. And none of you blindly
vote yes to everything, right?

The XSF Board will probably discuss this tomorrow in it's 15:30UTC meeting,
which, as ever, you're all welcome to attend.

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