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Wed Dec 3 15:07:44 UTC 2014


*Please nominate XEPs you think could use proofreading or which, by
proofreading, would make a good introduction to XMPP.*


We're starting day 3 of Google Code-in 2014, which is a 7 week contest for
students ages 13-17.  The students have so far completed 25 tasks.

Tasks are "bite-sized" FOSS-related projects which may include code,
documentation, graphic design, research, user interface design.. even
helping other students learn something.  We include in our task list a
pretty broad range of tasks related to our work -

I would like to include XEP proofreading as a set of documentation tasks.
Finding and identifying grammatical mistakes, examples which could be
clearer or added, sections which are confusing and may need to be explained

The XEPs need not have anything to do with Copyleft Games, by proofreading
they'll be learning more about XML and XMPP which will help them take on
more challenging projects.

The XSF is also under absolutely no obligation to actually use their work
in any way, though it'd be quite awesome to do so and perhaps recruit a
long-term contributor this way.

I'll post the first batch of 5 XEP tasks by Friday and, if the students
show interest in them, we can post more.

If you'd like to help further by reviewing their proofreading work, it'd
also be great to get more XMPP mentors signed up.  Reviewing generally
takes 10-15 minutes per task.  Google will even send you a "Mentor" tshirt
as thanks.
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