[Members] XEPs needing proofreading

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Wed Dec 3 18:54:06 UTC 2014

On 12/3/14, 8:07 AM, Arc Riley wrote:
> *Please nominate XEPs you think could use proofreading or which, by
> proofreading, would make a good introduction to XMPP.*
> WHY;
> We're starting day 3 of Google Code-in 2014, which is a 7 week contest
> for students ages 13-17.  The students have so far completed 25 tasks.
> Tasks are "bite-sized" FOSS-related projects which may include code,
> documentation, graphic design, research, user interface design.. even
> helping other students learn something.  We include in our task list a
> pretty broad range of tasks related to our work -
> http://gci.copyleftgames.org/tasks/
> I would like to include XEP proofreading as a set of documentation
> tasks.  Finding and identifying grammatical mistakes, examples which
> could be clearer or added, sections which are confusing and may need to
> be explained better.

BTW, you can find all the examples here:


They could be checked for consistency, validity, etc.

> The XEPs need not have anything to do with Copyleft Games, by
> proofreading they'll be learning more about XML and XMPP which will help
> them take on more challenging projects.
> The XSF is also under absolutely no obligation to actually use their
> work in any way, though it'd be quite awesome to do so and perhaps
> recruit a long-term contributor this way.
> I'll post the first batch of 5 XEP tasks by Friday and, if the students
> show interest in them, we can post more.
> If you'd like to help further by reviewing their proofreading work, it'd
> also be great to get more XMPP mentors signed up.  Reviewing generally
> takes 10-15 minutes per task.  Google will even send you a "Mentor"
> tshirt as thanks.

Reviewing the various technology overviews might be a more approachable 



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