[Members] Fwd: [Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Form of Membership Applications

Peter Waher Peter.Waher at clayster.com
Wed Feb 26 20:58:21 UTC 2014

Hello Dave

Thanks for the effort to create an initial document formalizing membership applications.

Personally I feel there are several things left out. It seems only name, contact information and affiliations are required more or less, and other members are left to contact the applicant and request further information. If members are to vote on new membership applications (or applications for membership renewal), I believe they need more information than names they probably never have heard of. Either all members spams all applications requesting further information, or the voting process becomes only a formal ritual.

Personally, I would like to see:

*         Either a description of the person or a link to such a description or CV (as an example, a link to LinkedIn). Should be required in my view.

*         Another section about experience/interest with/in XMPP (not necessarily development). Perhaps optional, even though I personally believe this is perhaps the most interesting to read for others and would like to see it required.

*         A third section about reasons for applying and/or what the person hopes to achieve by becoming a member. Optional.

This information can also be interesting to link to, from a possible membership directory in the wiki.

Best regards,
Peter Waher

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Subject: [Members] Fwd: [Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Form of Membership Applications

This is relevant to all members.

Like all new submissions, it's purely a personal proposal at this stage, and so has no force whatsoever.

If and when nobody on the Board objects to it, it'll then become Experimental - again, like all new XEPs - which means it still has no force, but we (the members) will own it, and be be actively working to get it into a shape where the Board can Approve it, making it Active.

Once Active, it *will* have force, and its title is a reference to a passage in the by laws which discusses membership applications.

Therefore, please read and discuss.

Also, I think I'm right in saying this is the first Submission processed by the new Editorial Team - so congratulations to them. It's a bit of a nasty case for the first one, being a Procedural XEP that's approved by the Board and not the Council. Hopefully future Submissions will be simpler for them. :-)
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Subject: [Standards] Proposed XMPP Extension: Form of Membership Applications
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The XMPP Extensions Editor has received a proposal for a new XEP.

Title: Form of Membership Applications

                        This specification outlines the form and mandatory content
                        of membership applications.

URL: http://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/membership-applications.html

The XSF Board of Directors will decide in the next two weeks whether to accept this proposal as an official XEP.

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