[Members] proposed charter for UPnP Forum Liaison Work Team

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at stpeter.im
Mon Jan 6 22:53:20 UTC 2014

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On 12/17/13 2:23 PM, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> The XSF and the UPnP Forum are working together to form a liaison
> relationship that will enable several members of the XSF to contribute
> to the new UPnP Cloud initiative [1] as "observers" within the UPnP Forum.
> Based on discussion in recent XMPP Council and XSF Board meetings, we
> have concluded that these observers will function as an "XSF Work Team"
> as defined in Section 8.3 of our bylaws. [2]
> Therefore I would like to propose the following charter.
> ###
> UPnP Forum Liaison Work Team
> The UPnP Forum Liaison Work Team is responsible for upholding the XSF's
> responsibilities regarding our liaison relationship with the UPnP Forum,
> which covers work on the UPnP Cloud initiative. Members of this work
> team shall function as "observers" within the UPnP Forum and shall abide
> by the terms of the XSF's liaison agreement with the UPnP Forum.
> The goals of the work team are threefold:
> 1. Development of a technically strong and appropriate solution to the
> requirements of the UPnP Forum, including the application and
> combination of existing XMPP technologies with domain knowledge within
> the UPnP Forum.
> 2. Review of specifications produced by the UPnP Forum to ensure that
> their use of XMPP is consistent with current best practices for XMPP
> technologies.
> 3. Implementation of certification programs and/or protocol conformance
> testing tools with regard to XMPP or the UPnP Forum’s use thereof.
> Collectively, the members of the work team are expected to have
> expertise in core XMPP technologies, the HTTP bindings for XMPP (BOSH
> and WebSocket), and XMPP publish-subscribe extensions. Knowledge of
> media applications using Jingle is also desirable.
> Members of the work team shall be selected by the XMPP Council after a
> call for volunteers from among the XSF membership, and shall be approved
> by the XSF Board of Directors.
> ###
> I have attached a draft of the liaison agreement that we are working on
> with the UPnP Forum. This is not yet final, and in particular we need to
> add a list of observers (i.e., work team members) to the agreement
> before it is finalized.
> Questions and comments are welcome.
> Peter
> [1] http://upnp.org/news/ describes the UPnP Cloud initiative as follows:
> UPnP Cloud Update: The UPnP Forum has chosen an architecture for its
> cloud extension and is in the process of finalizing the specification
> with a goal of having a certification program in the 1H of 2014. Cloud
> support in the UPnP architecture will enable IoT and internet-wide usage
> by allowing IP-based devices and servers to discover each other and
> communicate independent of the network they are connected with. This new
> feature will leverage the widely deployed Extensible Messaging and
> Presence Protocol (XMPP) for the cloud component while maintaining
> backwards compatibility with the existing UDA for local connectivity.
> This choice provides a low-risk, cloud-scalable, secure and rapid
> implementation path. It is anticipated that this powerful combination
> will be beneficial to both the UPnP and XMPP developer communities.
> [2] http://xmpp.org/about-xmpp/xsf/xsf-bylaws/

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