[Members] XSF Board meeting minutes, 2014/01/01

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Jan 8 17:32:49 UTC 2014

Present: Ralph, Laura, Dave, Mike (late)

Chair for this meeting was Ralph.

Also present and participating were Kevin Smith (XMPP Council Chair), and
Peter Saint-Andre (Executive Director/XEP Editor)

These Minutes have been drafted by Dave.

1) Website

Laura and Simon have been working on a new website, they've started mapping
the audience and the site requirements. Next up will be copy, and Laura has
agreed to share progress and plans at the Summit.

2) XEP Editor Team

Peter had mentioned in the Council meeting that he intended writing a
Charter for the proposed Work Team; Peter reiterated that. Ralph asked
about pull requests etc. Kevin commented that a XEP Editor Team would
reduce the need for this; Peter agreed, noting that many more Authors have
direct access to the repository as well.

Ralph, Dave, and Laura expressed support for the proposal, as did Kevin in
his non-voting position of XSF Council Chair. Peter will continue to lay
the groundwork, including the Charter.

3) GSoC

The deadline is thought to be 2014/02/02. Kevin (as Swift) expressed
concern that Swift hadn't yet been approached. Kevin commented, "We do have
a couple of ideas up at http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summer_of_Code_2014"

Mike Taylor joined the meeting at this point.

Kevin and Mike discussed briefly; Ralph suggested taking the discussion OOB.

4) XMPP Summit

Ralph noted that Dave and Ralph had formally announced it.

Remaining to be sorted are:

a) Venue

Peter thinks that booking the Cisco rooms at Diegem should be no problem.

b) Hotel.

Florian Jensen has agreed to do this as in times past; however we think
that perhaps on of our Dutch speakers (Ralph, Edwin Mons) might give Aloft
a call.


a) Beanbags

A short discussion about beanbags ensued. Ralph, Laura and Dave all agreed
that beanbags were a good thing. Discussion of what to have on the list.

b) Other things

There is a list of things we need on

6) XSF Dinner

Florian Jensen has agreed to arrange our now-traditional XSF Dinner,
however we will need sponsorship as in years past. Ralph commented, "so
it'd be great if one of you (hello minute-readers, too) could pick that up"

7) Next Meeting

In a week, same 1630 time.

8) Thanks
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