[Members] Two questions for XSF people

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Jan 8 22:24:56 UTC 2014

I've two questions for XSF people. You may have guessed that from the
Subject line.

1) Is anyone interested in restarting the tech review team?

This was a team which ensured that every revision of every XEP got a decent
review (in addition to the reviews done by Council).

It'd involve committing to reviewing a few XEPs a year.

You're welcome to review XEPs anyway, of course; I'm really trying to find
out if there are sufficient people who wouldn't mind being asked to review
specific XEPs as needed.

2) XSF Hardware Sponsorship

I've a possible opportunity to get new hardware under a sponsorship deal
for the XSF. How do the members feel about having the name of the sponsor
on the website somewhere like the footer? Something like:

XSF Servers kindly provided by Foo™ Inc, and hosted by USSHC.

(USSHC is our actual - awesome - hosting provider, BTW - Foo™ Inc is, here,
a placeholder).

I'd personally be happier without a logo, and just have plain text and
simple links, but if we're asked for a logo on every page, should we say no?

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