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On 14 Jan 2014 23:30, "Peter Saint-Andre" <stpeter at stpeter.im> wrote:
> Feedback is requested.
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> Editorial Team
> Since 2001, the XMPP Extensions Editor has managed numerous details
> of the XSF's Standards Process (see [1] and [2]) and has also
> functioned as the responsible party for the XMPP Registrar (see [3]
> and [4]). In order to improve the management of these processes,
> this charter defines an XSF Work Team with the following goals:

I don't think it's in order to improve the management. For that matter,
it's not clear that the charter is the right place to give reasons for the
initial team formation.

> 1. Refine and continually improve team work processes for management of
> the XEP Editor and XMPP Registrar functions, consistent with XEP-0001
> and XEP-0053.

I'd like some indication that XEP-0001 and XEP-0053 are not set in stone,
and improvements to them can also be made.

> 2. Put those processes into practice by efficiently dispatching the
> responsibilities of the XEP Editor and XMPP Registrar functions.
> Collectively, the members of the work team are expected to have
> familiarity with the use of source control systems, the XML formats
> used for both XEPs and XSF registries, basic build and release
> processes, and mailing list administration. Members of the team are
> also expected to work with appropriate attention to detail and
> awareness of information security, to coordinate amongst themselves
> regarding the rapid and transparent handling of their tasks, and to
> treat XEP authors and information registrants with honesty and respect.

What does "an awareness of information security" mean in this context?

> Members of the work team shall be selected by the XMPP Council after a
> call for volunteers from among the XSF membership, and shall be approved
> by the XSF Board of Directors.
> [1] XEP-0001: XMPP Extension Protocols
>     <http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0001.html>
>     <http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-README.html>

Just a thought; when this was a todo list for you, it didn't really matter
what formal status it had. Now that it's becoming closer to a protocol for
XEP Editors to follow, is it worthwhile moving at least some of some of it
to a XEP?

> [3] XEP-0053: XMPP Registrar Function
>     <http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0053.html>
> [4] http://xmpp.org/resources/registrar/
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