[Members] Providers of Human Resource to the XSF

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Mar 12 17:43:42 UTC 2014


As you're probably aware, there's a couple of companies which provide the
XSF with actual warm bodies, filling roles that take actual time. I'm not
thinking about Board and Council, here, but the officers and infrastructure
team in particular.

Up until now, as an organization we've largely assumed you just know who
these companies are - after all, we know that our Executive Director has a
day job at &Yet, now, and that two of our Infrastructure Team are at Isode,
and one at Penn State Uni. I've probably missed a couple of companies, too.

I would like us to acknowledge these companies in a more public manner.

We get an enormous value out of the work these people put in, and this
value comes at a cost to the companies involved when it happens during work

In the Board discussion circling around this today, various people
suggested they didn't want these companies to be simply "Sponsors"; I agree
it'd be hard to gauge the right levels, so does anyone have better ideas of
what we might call them?

FTR, when I left Isode I became a very minor shareholder; as such I have a
very tiny conflict of interest I'm hereby declaring.

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