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Adam Brault adam at andyet.com
Mon Nov 24 00:10:13 UTC 2014

Laura <laura.gill at surevine.com>, wrote:
What goals would you like to see set for the Board for the year ahead?
Just thought I’d share my goals for the board in this thread, which I’ll be raising in the board meeting tomorrow and trying to figure out how to succinctly add to the Trello board without overloading it :)

My strong desire is to help the board best serve the interests of the XSF—and I hope these things are aimed in that direction.

In that light, I’d love to hear feedback / criticism / reality checks from XSF members on these. Guaranteed many of you have been thinking about these things so much longer than I have.

Active website 

Active and strategically opinionated blog—dismantle myths, responses to blog posts on other sites, present pros for using XMPP instead of bespoke protocols or building YAMS (yet another messaging silo)

Link to and feature howtos and new XMPP projects on the XSF site and blog.

"Position paper" style pages on various topics (optimization, performance, federation, s2s, mobile), with relevant blog posts and howtos linked

Publicly summarizing the Council's agenda

XMPP +IoT, XMPP + WebRTC sections

Use GitHub to empower the XSF and extended XMPP community to collaborate on the site — Allow submission of new/revised content and blog posts via pull request

Proactively build the community

There are 2600 repositories on GitHub containing "XMPP"(https://github.com/search?q=xmpp&type=Repositories) Who are these people and how many of them are connected to the XSF?

Invite people to idle in an easily accessible channel (IRC + Web + XMPP)

Feature, publicize, and praise new XMPP based projects

Seek to grow the active XSF membership, particularly those working in growing areas of tech intersecting with XMPP (IoT, WebRTC, indie tech)

Encourage and feature meetups and relevant conferences

Encourage members to attend technical conferences and submit talks supportive of the XSF's strategic agenda

Invite and listen to criticism of XMPP

Listen, and work to address it where the Council agrees we should

Answer misconceptions with position pages and education

Help council prioritize work based on this feedback

I would love to hear feedback and criticism from XSF members on all of the above. Do you agree? Disagree? Does anything stand out to you as blatantly ignorant or wrong or naively overambitious? Let me have it! :)

Thanks so much.

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