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Joachim Lindborg joachim.lindborg at sust.se
Mon Nov 24 03:43:25 UTC 2014

Adam great that you put XMPP +IoT on the agenda, I will gladly help out

I have just started http://xmpp-iot.github.io a github site to ease the
introduction of "xmpp internet of things" making it possible to fork and
help in updating. Also with a "manifest" for backers.

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2014-11-24 1:10 GMT+01:00 Adam Brault <adam at andyet.com>:

> Laura <laura.gill at surevine.com>, wrote:
>> What goals would you like to see set for the Board for the year ahead?
> Just thought I’d share my goals for the board in this thread, which I’ll
> be raising in the board meeting tomorrow and trying to figure out how to
> succinctly add to the Trello board without overloading it :)
> My strong desire is to help the board best serve the interests of the
> XSF—and I hope these things are aimed in that direction.
> In that light, I’d love to hear feedback / criticism / reality checks from
> XSF members on these. Guaranteed many of you have been thinking about these
> things so much longer than I have.
>  *Active website *
>    - Active and strategically opinionated blog—dismantle myths, responses
>    to blog posts on other sites, present pros for using XMPP instead of
>    bespoke protocols or building YAMS (yet another messaging silo)
>    - Link to and feature howtos and new XMPP projects on the XSF site and
>    blog.
>    - "Position paper" style pages on various topics (optimization,
>    performance, federation, s2s, mobile), with relevant blog posts and howtos
>    linked
>    - Publicly summarizing the Council's agenda
>    - XMPP +IoT, XMPP + WebRTC sections
>    - Use GitHub to empower the XSF and extended XMPP community to
>    collaborate on the site — Allow submission of new/revised content and blog
>    posts via pull request
> *Proactively build the community*
>    - There are 2600 repositories on GitHub containing "XMPP"(
>    https://github.com/search?q=xmpp&type=Repositories) Who are these
>    people and how many of them are connected to the XSF?
>    - Invite people to idle in an easily accessible channel (IRC + Web +
>    XMPP)
>    - Feature, publicize, and praise new XMPP based projects
>    - Seek to grow the active XSF membership, particularly those working
>    in growing areas of tech intersecting with XMPP (IoT, WebRTC, indie tech)
>    - Encourage and feature meetups and relevant conferences
>    - Encourage members to attend technical conferences and submit talks
>    supportive of the XSF's strategic agenda
> *Invite and listen to criticism of XMPP*
>    - Listen, and work to address it where the Council agrees we should
>    - Answer misconceptions with position pages and education
>    - Help council prioritize work based on this feedback
> I would love to hear feedback and criticism from XSF members on all of the
> above. Do you agree? Disagree? Does anything stand out to you as blatantly
> ignorant or wrong or naively overambitious? Let me have it! :)
> Thanks so much.
> —Adam
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