[Members] Board Minutes for 2014/10/01

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Oct 1 16:19:04 UTC 2014

0. Welcome / Agenda Bashing

1. Finance Update (FOSDEM 2014).

Dave says everyone has been invoiced, two have responded and one has not
yet (will chase).

Ralph observed that some people are still owed money, and will sort things
out with Peter as treasurer-temp.

2. FOSDEM 2015

Ralph noted we do not have a devroom again this year, but we shall attempt
to repise the Realtime Lounge.

General agreement that we should hold a summit, with a discussion of
whether to hold before or after FOSDEM weekend.

Some discussion about why people attend, whether we could attract new
people at FOSDEM, whether other groups might be meeting around FOSDEM.

Mike volunteered to follow Kev's suggestion of polling past attendees. He
will talk with Laura when she returns.

Lloyd suggested a two-day hackathon post-FOSDEM; it was suggested that this
would be difficult due to commitments etc. Mike will add questions
concerning this to the survey.

3. Board Minutes.

Kev commented that Board meetings have been "inconsistently" minuted. It
was agreed that minutes were good, and an effort to find a minute taker
should be made at the beginning of each meeting.

4. AOB

Ralph noted that the elections were upon us again, and that he would be
running. Dave said he had not yet decided. Ralph asked those present to
consider putting themselves forward.

The applications are now open, and voting opens on 1st November, with the
Annual General Meeting occuring on the 17th.

5. Date of Next

Same time next week (Wednesday, 1530Z).

6. Close.
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