[Members] XSF Board Minutes 20141029T1630Z

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Oct 29 17:24:28 UTC 2014

Present: Ralph, Mike (Bear), Laura, Dave.

0) Welcome, roll call, agenda.

Laura noted Simon was due to be giving a technical website update. Dave
asked about...

1) FOSDEM Update

Ralph has applied for the Realtime Longue space, alongside Emil Ivov of
Jitsi, as per last year.

[Simon T arrives]

Dave suggested he might bring his iKettle and XMPP-connect it.

2) Website

Simon said there were technically no changes, but he has set aside time
tomorrow to look at applying the new theme. Laura arranged to discuss with
Simon tomorrow.

3) AOB

[This is a summary of a fairly extensive discussion from
http://logs.xmpp.org/xsf/2014-10-29#16:44:12 in the logs; I found it tricky
to summarize so please review these logs if in doubt as to who said
precisely what]

Ralph noted active liaisons, and hoped we might get some kind of report on
where those stood.

Philipp Hancke said he'd sent a report to Council, and would dig it out; it
is available at http://logs.xmpp.org/council/2014-09-24/#15:10:48

He also noted that Tobias Markmann had noted that DIGEST-MD5 was still
present in the final version.

Philipp agreed to send his report to members@ or standards@

The Council discussion notes XEPs 0322 and 0332; both have been rejected by
Council, due to lack of response to Last Call comments from the authors.

Dave noted that the LC comments are to be summarized to the list.

Ralph noted that the Council isn't specifically tasked with technical
steering, but this seems to be expected of the XSF; Kevin Smith [Council
Chair] agreed that Council should "help stuff through the standards
process". Ralph agreed, but noted that this wasn't clear to him, and he
felt it didn't seem clear to others.

Ralph asked if there was any plan from Council with respect to IoT/UPnP.
Kev describes the plan concerning stimulating more discussion.

A relatively lengthy discussion about the general state of technical
leadership in particular was raised - Dave suggested that mission
statements for Board and Council may need to be written at the beginning of
the new sessions. Ralph noted the current candidates have in some cases
implied a different understanding of the roles than is currently practised.

While it was agreed that Board should be purely business (agreements from
Will Sheward, Laura) and Council purely technical leadership, it was agreed
that perhaps even this was not properly understood by some.

4) Date of next

Same time next week (1630Z). Ralph noted there is a US TZ change.

5) Close
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