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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Aug 10 15:54:41 UTC 2015

Present: Laura Crossley (Chair, Late), Adam Brault, Will Sheward (Almost
Chair), Simon Tennant, Ralph Meijer (Late).

1. Commitments

a) Comm Policy Work.

Laura noted that due to email shenanigans, she needs to resend a number of
emails that were black-holed.

b) US Summit

Some discussion about where Ralph was, but he arrived explaining he was
still on vacation. All agreed it was pressingly urgent, and dates would be
picked, suggested as 9-10 of October 2015. It is thought that 5 people from
the community will be attending &YetConf, and a further 5 from &Yet would
attend a Summit.

ACTION: Adam will write a draft announcement paragraph and send for review.

c) Feedback to Adam about Website.

It was agreed that Adam should resend his feedback request.

2. AOB

a) Dave Cridland asked about finding budget for speakers and conference
attendence, in order to match the high profile of Matrix. Ralph noted the
"Myths" wiki page [1], and suggested as a first step that Dave highlights
this to standards@, and notes the context.

There was a short discussion about what exactly Matrix is offering.

[1] - http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/index.php?title=Myths

3. Next Meeting

Same time next week.

4. Ite Meeting Est
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