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Joachim Lindborg joachim.lindborg at sust.se
Tue Feb 3 19:24:38 UTC 2015

Im into getting some students on trying, evaluating the xmpp-iot parts
perhaps a combination of eclips projects for iot devices and xmpp.
 Den 3 feb 2015 17:26 skrev "Florian Schmaus" <flo at geekplace.eu>:

> On 03.02.2015 15:09, Kevin Smith wrote:
> > Hi folks,
> >  A decision will need to be made soon (by Board) whether we try out for
> GSoC 2015 as the XSF or not. It’d be helpful to know Very Soon if we have
> interested mentors and projects available, so if folks are involved in
> running open-source XMPP projects and are able to commit the time to and
> interested in mentoring GSoC students this year, can they please let me
> know ~=now, please? Private reply to this mail is fine.
> >
> > If we have a number of people interested in principle, we can try to get
> an ideas page set up etc. etc.
> >
> > /K
> Definitely interested. Smack requires a decent xep174 implementation and
> the Guardian Project folks would very happy about it (me too, btw :).
> I also keep a list of "Smack Jobs" of which some are tagged as GSOC at
> https://github.com/igniterealtime/Smack/wiki/Smack-Jobs
> The second most important candidate besides xep174 are jingle file
> transfers (with jingle-xtls in mind).
> - Florian
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