[Members] XMPP GSoC ideas

Kevin Smith kevin.smith at isode.com
Mon Feb 9 10:59:08 UTC 2015

Hi folks,
  Although we’ve not officially decided to apply to GSoC this year, we’ve got a lot of interest from potential mentors so I’m going to go ahead and ask people to supply me with ideas. Rather than going the traditional route of editing a wiki page en masse, I’d like to triage the ideas to make sure they’re fully fleshed out as the ideas page is a large part of what Google use to determine the quality of our application. Anyone interested in mentoring a project this year, please send me the details in the format that follows. If you’re not sure what’s involved in being a mentor, please be prepared to allow about an hour a day throughout the summer; there are many resources online about good mentoring, e.g. http://google-opensource.blogspot.co.uk/2011/04/dos-and-donts-of-google-summer-of-code_21.html . Mentors should be in a senior position within the project they’re mentoring (or approved by those that are), and have some experience of teamleading/mentoring/management; if you’ve got ideas for your favourite XMPP project but aren’t in a position to mentor yourself, please get in touch with someone who could mentor, and have them send on the ideas proposal to me.

Ideas template:
Software Project: e.g. Swift, Prosody, ejabberd, Smack…
Software URL: e.g. http://swift.im
Software VCS URL: e.g. http://swift.im/git/
Software Description: Assume people don’t know what your application is, so e.g. Swift is an XMPP chat client meant to be user friendly, written in … (a few lines describing the project and its ethos).
Title: Short and descriptive title, e.g. “Server-side message history support"
Brief explanation: A short paragraph (A half dozen to a dozen sentences or so) describing what’s involved in the project
Expected results: Some concrete deliverables
Knowledge Prerequisite: e.g. extensive C++ knowledge, TLS implementations
Implementation Languages: e.g. C++, Python, Javascript
Mentor: you
Contact details: MUC / IRC channel / mailing list etc.

We don’t have much time to do this, so I’d like all the ideas in this week, please.

We also need teaser tasks, which I’d like to set up centrally this year. I’ll send a mail about that once I’ve sorted out a sensible template for them.


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