[Members] XMPP over WebSocket implementations

edhelas edhelas at movim.eu
Thu Feb 12 11:18:52 UTC 2015


I'm really interested by your project, we are currently using 
node-xmpp-bosh (to connect the Movim daemon to the XMPP network) and 
proxy_wstunnel (to connect the daemon to the browsers) in our project 
(see the documentation http://wiki.movim.eu/en:install_new#for_apache).

But replacing node-xmpp-bosh with your project could be awesome :)



On jeu., févr. 12, 2015 at 12:26 , Arc Riley <arcriley at gmail.com> 
> I'm nearing release of mod_xmpp 0.2 (which is an Apache module that 
> proxies XMPP over WebSocket to an XMPP server), and looking for other 
> existing implementations to list on the website as alternatives and 
> to test compatibility with.
> Both javascript clients and other proxies or XMPP servers that 
> support XMPP over WebSocket natively.
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