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Laura laura.gill at surevine.com
Thu Feb 19 16:39:06 UTC 2015

Hi all,

The Board have recently been discussing how our comms work - both those from and seemingly on behalf of the XSF. 

We have discussed this at previous Board meetings, but a clear decision was not made and therefore minuted.

On Monday 2nd March the Board is planning to discuss this issue and make a clear decision on how we manage this. As this is a little more complex than some of the issues we discuss in Board meetings, we have drafted our thoughts (below) and wanted to share with you to ensure if anyone has a comment or opinion we have those collected before a decision is made.

In no way do we want to extinguish the enthusiasm that people have, but the comms from the “XSF” are all over the place at the moment and do not present the professional, unified community that we are.

Please share any comments or thoughts with us (including board@ in any email correspondence) so that we can collect this before the meeting and discuss on Monday 2nd March. 

Many thanks, from all of us on the Board

XSF Communications policy

To ensure that the XSF “voice” is unified, consistent and exactly that - the voice of the XSF. As the XSF Board, this is absolutely our responsibility.
To prepare for the launch of the new website with a “clean up” of our communications.

All social channel accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn - any form of external channel in fact) that claims to be in any way related to the XSF MUST be approved by the Board.
The Board MUST have admin access and rights to those social accounts.
Any social channel that is not on the “approved” list may not carry the name XSF nor claim to be a representative or voice of the XSF.
The Council have pre-approval to publish technical content, decisions and views on behalf of the XSF.

The channels currently in use will need to be either be handed over to the XSF or shut down.

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