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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Jul 20 17:04:45 UTC 2015

Herein are the hurriedly finished minutes for the Board Meeting...

0. Agenda Bashing

As usual, using Trello to drive this:

1. Review commitment list from last time
2. AOB
3. Agree commitment for week ahead
4. Time and date of next

1. Commitments

a) Enforcing communications policy (Laura)

Laura said she started by building a list of all the social channels we
knew about, and broke down this list into those that are speaking on behalf
of the XSF, and those that are more generally XMPP.

She is currently working through the list of those breaking policy, and
working with the authors to either shut them down or hand them over; 1
down, 3 to go.

b) Taking to Adam about the Summit (Ralph)

Ralph failed to show up in time for the meeting, hence this is rolling over.

c) Review website issues from Adam (Everyone)

Adam said he hadn't got any feedback, but Laura said she had sent some and
will resend to everyone to encourage discussion.

Adam noted that several of the key pieces of input he needs are from Ralph.

d) Integrate more content onto the website (Adam)

Adam has been a little overwhelmed with other activity recent, but is
blocking out Monday and some time this week to make progress on the
website, and hopes to make it ready to go before the end of July.

e) Visitor Stats report (Will)

No progress; rolling over.

f) Treasurer Role (Simon)

The sole applicant so far has been Jonathan Siegle, who had questions about
liability. Simon will follow-up with Peter.

2. AOB

a) Minutes

Laura asked whether the Board was mandated to write minutes, which was
clearly a thinly veiled jab at Dave, whose industrious efforts have usually
resulted in some really very good minutes. Ralph noted that this is
technically required, and the purview of the XSF Secretary, however Dave,
in his infinite kindness, offered to do them every week.

Dave noted that finding volunteers for this very important task had been
attempted for Council to no avail, as well, and Laura countered, saying
that she would jolly well do them herself if "things were too busy" for
Dave, and asked whether Dave could "pick this up again". She claimed that
she was not shouting at Dave, though anyone who believes that clearly
doesn't know Laura very well.

Dave noted that doing the minutes and participating in the meeting is
significantly harder than just doing the minutes as an observer, which
Ralph agreed with, and Laura noted acidly that this was better than having
no minutes at all.

It was agreed that Dave would continue to write his totally objective
minutes, however Laura would step in as required.

[[ On a more serious -- and personal -- note, writing minutes takes me
about half an hour a week, assuming I'm at the meeting and do it while
fresh. It takes much longer if I'm not, or if I actually try to participate
in the meeting in any useful manner - to the extent that on a few occasions
recently I've not found the time to write them. Volunteers to do this would
be most welcome, both for the XSF Board and the XMPP Council - capturing
the discussion is genuinely an important task, and one that seems
appreciated, and it's very hard to do as Chair - Laura should not have to
step up to this. ]]

3. Commitment for week ahead

The commitment was recorded on the Trello board; all present agreed.

4. Ite, meeting est
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