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Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Jun 22 16:12:53 UTC 2015

And lo, for there was a great rush unto the xsf at muc.xmpp.org chatroom, and
there didst Laura, known as the Crossley, convene a meeting of the greatest
minds of the age. And Dave was also there to take some unofficial minutes.

Present: Laura Crossley, Ralph Meijer, Adam Brault, Simon Tennant, Will

1. Commitment from last week

a) Laura emailed Kev to start talking about the summit feedback, but hasn't
chased very hard and hasn't yet heard back yet - she'll follow-up this week.

b) Laura asked if Ralph had contacted Adam about the RTC co-located summit.
Ralph hasn't, but Adam said he knew considerably this week so this was
probably for the best.

c) Adam said he'd not done his task (outlining issues for content on
xmpp.org), but it was on his calendar for after the Board meeting.

d) Will emailed the Board about an IoT strategy; Laura asked if everyone
had responded to him. No response, so Laura assumed people needed to.

2. Backlog Actions

a) The Comms Policy deadline is this week, Laura will send an email to
members@ and be ready to start action on enforcing it next week

b) Peter did draft an outline for the Treasurer duties. A discussion on
next steps was had, with the summary being that a vacancy" would be
publicised, and the XSF would seek a US and possibly EU person. Breif
discussion about what the Board had discussed previous on these topics
(with reference to 20150323T1600Z minutes).

3. Board Goals Commitment

Laura said that Will has one of these as his commitment from last week and
Adam is working on another as part of his.

4. AOB

Dave noted he ran into someone using XMPP in a role close to IoT at a
conference, but who seemed unaware of other IoT activity. He'll put Will in
contact. Will thanks dwd profusely for his amazing help on the IoT
strategy. His words, not Dave's.

5. Commitment for the week ahead

Laura assigned Simon to publish the vacancy for Treasurer. There followed a
short discussion about whether there was a requirement for the Treasurer
role to be filled by an XSF Member; the conclusion being this wasn't

6. Ite Meeting Est
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