[Members] using GitHub for XEPs

Peter Saint-Andre - &yet peter at andyet.net
Thu May 7 22:53:33 UTC 2015

Last Wednesday, the Editor Team and the chair of the XMPP Council had a 
discussion about using GitHub to manage source control, contributions, 
and issues/bugs related to XEPs (along with schemas and registries). The 
discussion log is here:


The consensus of those in the meeting - who, I might add, are the ones 
actively managing our standards process - is that using GitHub would 
have a number of significant benefits:

1. Make it easier for XEP authors and others to contribute
2. Make it easier to track open issues
3. Reduce the workload for the Editor Team
4. Improve the visibility of our standards work

Please note that the XSF would still maintain a repository of record 
outside of GitHub, and that GitHub would be used primarily to manage 
contributions and issues.

With my Executive Director hat on, I plan to ask the Board to approve 
this approach in a future meeting, with at least a week of advance 
notice so that we can have community discussion among the membership.



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