[Members] Board Minutes for 20151102T1600Z

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Nov 2 17:21:12 UTC 2015

Present: Adam Brault, Simon Tennant, Ralph Meijer, Will Sheward (Late)
Also Present: Peter Saint-Andre
Absent: Laura Crossley (With belated apologies via Dave)

Chaired by Adam.

Agenda was limited to a discussion of the website status.

Adam noted that the new website is extremely close to launch. Remaining are

#40 Standards Process -- Peter assigned this to himself.
#42 Instant Messaging -- assigned to Peter
#45 Events page -- assigned to Adam

Simon noted he was pulling in the Lanyrd events, as a good source of
auto-updated events (though currently unstyled).

Adam noted that Who Uses XMPP and Projects Using XMPP were both blank, but
he felt that adding a few examples would yield content from the community

Adam also noted #18, content redirections in place from the old site, and
Peter added #17 (Plan for existing content from the old site). A key item
from the latter is the IPR policy and Jabber™ trademark pages (now #72).

Also noted (by Simon) was the improved Sponsor listing at the bottom of
each page; Will agreed this was a real improvement.

Adam summarized the discussion by restating that the website is "close,
very close".

Next meeting is presumed to be next week.
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