[Members] Voting Update 3 & meeting reminder

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 15:14:51 UTC 2015


According to my records the following 38 XSF members had voted via proxy 
in the current voting period (board & council):

* hildjj (at) jabber.org
* js (at) webkeks.org
* codavide (at) chatme.im
* lloyd (at) buddycloud.org
* jack (at) metajack.im
* ashley.ward (at) surevine.com
* mremond (at) process-one.net
* dbanes (at) jabber.org
* siegle (at) jabber.org
* georg (at) yax.im
* thijs (at) xnyhps.nl
* zash (at) zash.se
* linuxwolf (at) outer-planes.net
* zooldk (at) gmail.com
* artur.hefczyc (at) gmail.com
* laura.gill (at) surevine.com
* peter.waher (at) jabber.org
* stpeter (at) stpeter.im
* edhelas (at) movim.eu
* bmalkow (at) malkowscy.net
* andrzej.wojcik (at) tigase.org
* winfried (at) tilanus.com
* florob (at) babelmonkeys.de
* ralphm (at) ik.nu
* sam (at) samwhited.com
* kevin (at) doomsong.co.uk
* wojtek (at) tigase.org
* martin.hewitt (at) surevine.com
* tm (at) ayena.de
* intosi (at) ik.nu
* flo (at) geekplace.eu
* zeank (at) jwchat.org
* arcriley (at) gmail.com
* lance (at) lance.im
* jabberjocke (at) jabber.se
* dwd (at) dave.cridland.net
* bear (at) bear.im
* alex (at) ag-software.net

If you have not yet voted, please send a message to 
xmpp:memberbot at xmpp.org.
If you have problems with memberbot please contact me directly by email 
over xmpp at gnauck at jabber.org.

The meeting particulars are:
* Date: 2015-11-17
* Time: 19:00 UTC
* Location: xmpp:xsf at muc.xmpp.org?join

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