[Members] limiting Editor Team members to XSF members

Peter Saint-Andre - &yet peter at andyet.net
Sat Oct 10 13:44:32 UTC 2015

Recently Sam Whited (who is at the XMPP Summit right now) volunteered to 
help with the Editor Team but was refused because he is not a member of 
the XSF. Thinking about it further, I don't think we defined the charter 
of the Editor Team correctly. It says:

    Members of the work team shall be selected by the XMPP Council after
    a call for volunteers from among the XSF membership, and shall be
    approved by the XSF Board of Directors.

(Actually that doesn't even say that Editor Team members need to be 
members of the XSF, so it was poorly worded in the first place!)

Contrast that text with what we have in the Infrastructure Team charter:

    The team is limited to elected members of the XSF and invited others
    at the discretion of the team. Participants are recruited from among
    the XSF membership by the team lead and approved by a simple
    majority of the existing team members.

I don't see a strong reason why the Editor Team charter needs to be 
different on this point.


Peter Saint-Andre

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