[Members] Board Minutes 20150921

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Mon Sep 21 16:08:49 UTC 2015

Present: Everyone.

0. Agenda Bashing

1. Review website commitment list
2. Review commitment list from last time
3. AOB
4. Agree commitment for week ahead
5. Time and date of next

1. Review website commitment list

Laura asked Adam to drive this part, and asked for status of each tickey.
Adam said he had completed all his tickeys, and they could be closed. Ralph
said he'd also done his tickey. Simon said he had completed his Social
tickey, but had no takers for the Instant Messaging tickey; he will put out
a second call for volunteers and then fall back to Kev Smith. Dave noted
his tickeys weren't progressed. Peter offered to take some of the
outstanding tickeys.

After the status report, various tickeys were discussed (see chatroom logs).

Of note was the discussion about the "legacy" URIs such as the /protocol
tree - Ralph wanted to keep them, although further discussion noted that
these URIs should be on jabber.org. Peter thought we could get rid of them,
but Ralph suggested having redirects to the XEPs defining them. Adam
suggested Ralph and Peter took on the decision.

Adam raised the problem that our sponsors currently have their logos in
rotation on the site sidebar; this no longer exists in the new design.
Ralph noted that "bottom" is a side, and therefore this may satisfy the

Adam also said that we need people to review http://new.xmpp.org/ and file
issues for anything they think should be different before we launch. Laura
will ask Kev to ask Council.

2. Commitment from last time

a) Laura has been making progress with the social channels, and will share
details with the board.

b) Adam/Ralph on the Summit: Ralph has sent out the announcement but has
received very little response. He said that in his opinion, the Summit
wasn't going ahead. Adam noted that there would be 3 Council memebers
present anyway at his offices, and a few people are coming.

c) Simon and the treasurer work

Simon said there was no update, but he would send Peter and the applicant
an update email now.

d) Will and IoT strategy

Will has made no progress, and due to real-world issues intruding, is
unlikely to make headway until October.

3. AOB

a) FOSDEM 2016

Ralph noted that FOSDEM 2016 has been announced, and suggested starting to
organize the Summit ASAP, including an early announcement. All were
enthusiastically in favour of this approach, including from the floor.

Dave suggested that organizing a dev-day may also be useful, and suggested
this might be better done after FOSDEM. There was much discussion over
whether it was useful to split the XSF days across the FOSDEM weekend or
not (general consensus was that it wasn't).

(Dave clarified that he meant an event targetted to newcomers rather than
existing community; Kev suggested that getting much attendance from FOSDEM
was optimistic anyway.)

b) Dave wanted to mention that it was fast approaching election time again
for Board and Council, but Laura blatantly ignored him.

4. Date and time of next.

Same time next week.

5. Ite, Meeting Est
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