[Members] XSF Booth at PyCon

Arc Riley arcriley at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 17:15:57 UTC 2016

The XSF is an OSS sponsor for PyCon 2016 and has been awarded a free expo
hall booth.


Part of this is we are required to staff the booth, at minimum, during 9
hours of "high traffic" periods spread over 3 days. I'm volunteering to
staff these hours myself, but the expo hall can get quite busy so I can use
a 2nd person to staff it with me.

We have a coupon code for a 2nd person to get free full conference
registration (not just the expo hall), hotel and travel not included. If
anyone is interested and able to help out at least 10 hours (9 "high
traffic" hours plus setup/breakdown) this can be yours.

Dates and hours: http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/PyCon_2016

Additionally we could use extra volunteers for either additional hours or
extra people during heavy times. No commitments for specific times are
needed for these, but if you can share your phone number it'd be good to be
able to reach you for help if needed.

Following the main conference there'll be 4 days for sprints which some of
us have participated in in the past. There is no registration fee to attend
these sprints, so if enough people attended it'd be a great time for a
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