Lance Stout lancestout at gmail.com
Wed Nov 2 15:05:16 UTC 2016

> I must say, because I don't often, that the voting bot is a little marvel of
> technology. Well done whoever put that together,

Why, thank you :)  If anyone wants to help improve it the code is here:


> Newer members might not remember, but the previous bot always offered
> candidates in the same order, and there was a slight disadvantage to being last.

Same order for council and board candidates, and did it by going through the
list asking you to vote yes/no for each candidate. You had to deliberately vote
no for someone in slots #1-5 to vote yes for someone else in slot #6 or higher.

Making the candidate order random, plus allowing you to pick from a list instead
of yes/no is precisely because I lost my first council run by being in slot #6 on
the Wiki. :-p


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