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Fri Nov 18 17:50:46 UTC 2016

Ahh dwd is back! You didn’t get comedic snippets in my minutes. 
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> On 18 Nov 2016, at 17:31, Dave Cridland <dave at cridland.net> wrote:
> Present: Laura Crossley (Outgoing Chair), Arc Riley, Ralph Meijer
> (Incoming Chair), Martin Hewitt, Matthew Wild
> Absent: Nicolas Verité
> Also Present: Tobias Markmann, Dave Cridland, Kevin Smith.
> These minutes have not been formally accepted by the Board and
> therefore have no official status.
> 1) Welcome
> Laura congratulated the new Board, and said she would pass on the
> Trello work to the new Chair as required. It was noted that the admin
> of the Trello is Simon Tennant, which needs to be rectified.
> 2) Appointment of a new Chair
> Arc nominated Ralph. Ralph accepted the nomination. No other
> candidates presented themselves.
> Ralph Meijer was voted unanimously by those members present, and is
> therefore the new XSF Board Chair.
> Laura resigned her position forthwith.
> Ralph thanked Laura for her hard work.
> 3) Times of Meetings
> Ralph suggested that continuing to hold on Wednesday would be best as
> this follows Council. This was acceptable by all those present, though
> Arc commented that a UTC time was his preference.
> Ralph proposed 1700Z on Wednesdays; this was agreed by all.
> Dave noted that this time was free for him to take minutes. All
> present opined this would be a good thing, which shows what they know.
> There followed a short discussion about the (old, defunct) ICS service
> on xmpp.org; Tobias noted that this no longer worked since the website
> change.
> 4) AOB
> There was no other business.

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