[Members] Board Meeting Minutes, 2016-11-30 1700Z

Martin Hewitt martin.hewitt at surevine.com
Wed Nov 30 17:36:48 UTC 2016

Present: Ralph Meijer (Chair) Martin Hewitt, Matthew Wild, Nicolas Verité,
Arc Riley
Also present: Sam Whited, Tobias Markmann, Peter Saint-Andre

These minutes have not been formally accepted by the Board and therefore
have no official status.

1) Welcome & roll call

1) Welcome & roll call
Started on time. Arc was a bit late.

2) Minutes & agenda
Absent dwd, Martin stepped up again. Nicolas requested "using voip and
collab editor" for meetings be added, Ralph added it to the agenda.

3) Topics for decisions

3.1) Summit format
Ralph hadn't had a chance to discuss with Daniel Pocock points raised at
the last meeting, and retained the action to do so. Nicolas suggested
splitting the summit days by topic. Ralph committed to sending out an email
asking for topic suggestions, then try and fit them into a daily schedule,
and to suggest some format options to garner further feedback.

Ralph has also sent a message to Simon regarding his administration of the
Trello board, and will report back if he hears anything

4) Commitment list
No stpeter, Arc briefly commented on Marketing and mentioned the Google
Code-In scheme was just starting, and there should be more to discuss by
next week.

5) Items for discussion
Ralph mentioned Tobias wanted more people in the Editor team, Sam White
mentioned that the editor tasks are actually being kept on top of, so it's
not such a high priority to recruit additional members onto the team.
Tobias mentioned that more people reviewing Github pull requests would be
useful, specifically those related to the website. Ralph encouraged the use
of the standards@ mailing list.

Ralph asked Sam if ISSN could be removed from the board list, Sam wanted
board approval so a vote was held, Arc, Ralph, Martin, Nicolas & Matt
approved. Sam said he'd send out the application shortly.

Ralph asked if all Board members could send an email to the board@ mailing
list with 3 items for discussion, to be held next week. Nicolas was asked
to send an email to the list to outline his reasoning for wanting to change
the way Board meetings are held, also to be discussed next week.

Ralph requested it be noted in the minutes that we need a volunteer for XSF
task recruiting.

6) AOB

7) Time/date of next
Same time next week.


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