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Marcin Gondek drixter at e-utp.net
Wed Sep 7 09:57:57 UTC 2016


I see that xmpp.net and xmpp.org on the same machine. So I think the same people administrating both service.

There is some clue, because mostly people when looking public XMPP service use two pages:




And, service on jabber.at seems to be working good, "our" service on xmpp.net seems to be not updating due the mission or wrong cron script.


This means that there one of public service list is no helping user to find a service.

As far "tfar" do it's work well by checking pull request and verify servers all the flow is stopped due the cron and pull now is stopped due non-sense:  https://github.com/stpeter/xmppdotnet/pull/74

It doesn't help to propagade and popularize the XMPP service, as the xmpp.net hosted by XSF and it's members is not fully maintained.

I know that stpeper can be busy, but maybe someone can look deeper on it, if the admin tech is need, let me know, I can help.


Marcin Gondek / Drixter
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