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Mon Sep 26 15:34:06 UTC 2016


sorry for the late reply. I was on vacation and could not work on my laptop
as my power supply was stolen with all the language :-(

   - Board and Council voting g schedule
      - Alex has circulated a mail to the Board to ask what the schedule
      was for Board and Council elections this year. After some
debate, we found
      the commitment made by the previous Board which proposed 1st Nov as the
      start of the new term (post meeting reading shows the board
actually agreed
      on a 1st October start)
   - Vote in the meeting agreed: we start call out now, vote 12th Oct, new
   term starts 1st Nov

I propose to move this by 2 weeks, as it conflicts with Q4 membership
application period, and the application period for board and council would
be pretty short.

So I propose
* call for candidates now
* Proxy voting Nov. 1st - Nov. 10th
* Annual meeting Nov. 10th

Then from 2017 on move to the proposed schedule above going forward.

any concerns?

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