[Members] Board Minutes 2017-04-26

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Apr 26 16:32:50 UTC 2017

Present: Ralph, Nÿco, Arc, Martin, Matt.

0) Agenda bashing

All present agreed the primary concern was the state of the server recovery.

1) Server recovery

Dave noted that Kev and Edwin were both very busy with work, although
Kev was actually away on holiday right now. There was some discussion
of where additional manpower could be obtained. Dave has a specific
proposal which he will discuss with iteam. Matt commented that a lot
of work appeared to be happening in iteam in isolation, which made it
difficult to pitch in.

Ralph reiterated that any decisions should involve Kev and Edwin.

2) GSoC

Arc noted that student selections have completed, and we have three
slots filled.

3) AOB

Matt noted sponsorship money.
Guus asked about membership votes (Alex not present). Arc said he
believed the consensus was to get the Wiki back up first.

4) Date of next


5) Close

Ite, meeting est.

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