[Members] Matrix of XMPP softwares and XEPs implemented

Marcelo H. Terres mhterres at mundoopensource.com.br
Fri Feb 3 13:01:11 UTC 2017


I didn't wanted to extend the topic in the summit because I know we  
have lots more stuff to discuss, but I'd really like to work on that  
Matrix of softwares and their respectives resources.

I can contact developers and start to create some kind of database  
with information about the softwares that uses XMPP and what features  
each one implements. It could, in the feature,  replace the list of  
softwares in the website, giving more information for people that want  
to start to use XMPP (as developers or final users). This DB could  
also give us a more accurate view of the XMPP whole scenario, and I  
believe that this kind of data is important for XSF.

More, I think that this approach can be used to create a stronger  
community and approximate the final users from the foundation.

What do you think?


Marcelo H. Terres
mhterres at mundoopensource.com.br
IM: mhterres at jabber.mundoopensource.com.br

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