[Members] Matrix of XMPP softwares and XEPs implemented

Daniel Pocock daniel at pocock.pro
Fri Feb 3 13:54:03 UTC 2017

On 03/02/17 14:01, Marcelo H. Terres wrote:
> Hey.
> I didn't wanted to extend the topic in the summit because I know we
> have lots more stuff to discuss, but I'd really like to work on that
> Matrix of softwares and their respectives resources.
> I can contact developers and start to create some kind of database
> with information about the softwares that uses XMPP and what features
> each one implements. It could, in the feature,  replace the list of
> softwares in the website, giving more information for people that want
> to start to use XMPP (as developers or final users). This DB could
> also give us a more accurate view of the XMPP whole scenario, and I
> believe that this kind of data is important for XSF.
> More, I think that this approach can be used to create a stronger
> community and approximate the final users from the foundation.
> What do you think?

Here are a few suggestions that could make this project go a long way:

- we would need to have data for each version of each product

- it would also be useful to develop a script to cross-reference that
version data against the versions published in various Linux
distributions, F-Droid, etc

- maybe developers could include an XML descriptor in future releases of
their products?

- maybe server side plugins could be developed to scrape data about
capabilities from different clients they see and "crowd source" a
central database?

- for those projects with a public bug tracker, it would be useful if
they could tag bug reports with the XEP numbers they relate to

- a GSoC or Outreachy intern could potentially work on some of the data
collection or report generation.  As this would be a standalone project
this would allow them to work somewhat independently without the
complexity of merging work into existing projects

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