[Members] XSF Board Minutes, 2017-02-08

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Feb 8 17:33:17 UTC 2017

Present: Ralph Meijer (Chair), Arc Riley, Martin Hewitt, Matthew Wild,
Nicolas "Nyco" Vérité.

1. Welcome and Agenda

Ralph suggested a recap on the Summit and FOSDEM.

2. Summit

Ralph said the turnout had been good, with 23 on Thursday and around
30 on Friday. Nyco said that participation could always improve, and
remotes were always more difficult.

Ralph thanked Guus der Kinderen for the summary, and Kevin Smith for
chairing. Arc Riley added Cisco for the facilities. Nyco commented
that the chairing was very good.

Martin and Sam both noted that remote participation was difficult
(although Sam was in-person this year). Martin noted the director was
perhaps a bit avant-garde...

Ralph said that for next year, the Board will set up an organizing
committee to track tasks better. Arc agreed that far too much was
placed on Ralph's shoulders. Dave (from floor) suggested that a team
could be assembled now, and Nyco suggested it might also help
coordinate MeetUps.

Various suggestions for names were made, but the scope was generally
agreed as "Summits, Conferences, and MeetUps". This was noted as
abbreviating nicely to "SCAM".

The question of Work Team versus SIG was discussed, and it was
generally agreed to make it a Work Team (ie, members only). In
particular, Arc Riley noted the empty Python booth at FOSDEM as an
example of how easily reputations can be damaged.

** The Board unanimously voted to form a new SCAM Work Team.


Ralph thought the booth was well visited, though Arc thought the
location could have been better. Ralph noted this was the only
location offered for the "lounge", though Nyco noted that access was
tricky, being blocked by other stands. Ralph suggested arriving
earlier to claim the front tables might be best.

Ralph also noted the XSF bought a projector for use at SCAMs.

Finally, Ralph asked for further comments and feedback to the Summit list.

4. Next Week's Agenda

* Arc raised standards for publicised software on our website.
* Nyco raised working methods.
* Nyco raised a client SIG.

Ralph said that Board members could send suggestions to Board (with
some prose explaining them), and non-Board suggestions could be sent
to him directly via Email or IM.

5. Time of Next

Same time next week (Wednesday 1600 UTC).

6. Close

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