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Fri Feb 10 06:51:42 UTC 2017

Am 9. Februar 2017 23:39:06 MEZ schrieb Tobias Markmann <tmarkmann at googlemail.com>:
>On Thu, Feb 9, 2017 at 10:14 PM, Peter Saint-Andre <stpeter at stpeter.im>
>> Thijs and Tobias and I do a bit of work on it, but not as much as it
>> deserves. For instance, I'm woefully behind on the queue of new
>Right. I had the idea on expanding what we have with xmpp.net
>and turning it into a front page for the larger XMPP community. This
>include things like:
>* the current IM Observatory
>* automated maintenance of a service directory
>* tables of XMPP client implementations, and what XEPs they claim to
>* tables of XMPP server implementations, and what XEPs they claim to
>* matching these support tables up with recent compliance XEPs
>As a dedicated project, however supported by the XSF by some hardware
>resources, this would probably work better with the neutrality idea of
>However, turning it into such a system would require some work of
>volunteers. I'm happy at trying to improve the PHP and Lua backend code
>the system, but I'm much less gifted at the fronted stuff, especially
>it comes to modern frameworks.

I'd be willing to help out with frontend development. 

>I don't know what other members think of this idea and if we can get
>volunteers together working on this, but I think such a service could
>provide a huge value to the community. The maintenance of a database of
>current XMPP implementations and their XEP support could also help the
>Council to see what standards are widely adopted and should be pushed



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