[Members] Questions about XEP-0001

Kevin Smith kevin.smith at isode.com
Fri Feb 10 12:09:54 UTC 2017

> On 4 Feb 2017, at 15:54, Tobias Markmann <tmarkmann at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I recently had the epiphany, that it'd help for a council chair to have some understanding of XEP standardisation process. So I've read it which resulted in more questions opened than answered.

Good, innit?

> For the beginning I'm mostly focusing on Standards Track XEPs.
> 1) Is it correct that Experimental XEPs can't be Rejected by the XMPP Council, unless someone requests to issue a Last Call for them? It certainly makes sense to gather some feedback about a XEP you want to reject. However, I think this is not clear from the document.

From the text in 9.8, you’d infer it can be rejected whenever Council wants, but 8.1’s table suggests i has to be Proposed first. In practice, Council could decide to LC and immediately Reject, so there’s no harm in skipping LC to Reject, I think. One of our many process warts.

> 2) What's is supposed to happen during Council votes on Proposed XEPs, that don't have the majority of the council agreeing after LC? Is it automatically Rejected? Does it stay Proposed or does it go back to Experimental until the next LC is requested by the author?

It’s clear it doesn’t advance, at least. Rejected is an explicit decision, not the lack of advancing, so not that either. The last call expires, which *implies* it’s no longer Proposed. So it goes back to Experimental - but one could read this other ways, I suspect. Of course, the transition diagram shows that after Proposed the only options are to reject, stay in Proposed or go to Draft...


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