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Joachim Lindborg joachim.lindborg at sust.se
Sat Feb 11 23:14:09 UTC 2017

+1 Really like that, and would gladly try it for IoT discussions.

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2017-02-11 22:08 GMT+01:00 Florian Schmaus <flo at geekplace.eu>:

> Hi everyone,
> The Mailman 2 installation at mail.jabber.org acting as primary
> discussion venue for the XMPP community contains a ton of valuable
> information. Yet it is often very hard to find that information.
> Additionally we see more and more discussions happening also at our
> github site, which is not really ideal, because those discussions are
> not visible to the whole community. See for example
> https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/375. I'd like to channel the discussion
> towards one place, not multiple.
> I hereby propose that we fade out mail.jabber.org in favour of a
> self-hosted Discourse [1] instance at discuss.xmpp.org. Discourse is an
> open source forum that *can be used just like a traditional mailing
> list* (I ♥ mailing lists). It is easy to self-host, and I volunteer to
> setup that instance and maintain it (I already maintain two Discourse
> installations). Furthermore, it provides the required features to
> organize the valuable information, e.g. we could tag discussion threads.
> Want to find all discussions about XEP-0198? Just click on the tag!
> As for the migration: I would stepwise switch the MLs to the discourse
> instance and keep the archives on mail.jabber.org read-only for ever. I
> would not migrate the old posts right now, as it requires substantial
> manpower. Let's have clean fresh start. But of course, if we find the
> resources (manpower) nothing prevents us from migrating the Mailman
> archives to Discourse later on.
> The IoT SIG would be happy to act as beta tester, and switch from the
> iot at mail.jabber.org list to Discourse right after the installation is
> finished.
> I'd like to ask board to discuss my proposal and hope for a positive
> response. I do believe that a modern discussion venue is essential or
> the future of XMPP.
> - Florian
> 1: discourse.org
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