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Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Tue Feb 14 14:15:24 UTC 2017

Le mardi 14 février 2017, 10:58:02 CET Florian Schmaus a écrit :
> On 13.02.2017 12:03, Goffi wrote:
> If you can commit on creating a mailing list replacement with similar
> functionality as Discourse (tags, nice web interface, mobile ready, sane
> mail threading, …) within the next 6 months, then please do so.

I think we have advanced far enough now to be able to do that within 6 months 
yes. Actually we are already on the way with SàT, and not the only one working 
on similar things (thinking about Movim). I have a rough idea of what 
Discourse is able to, but I've never used it, so please let me know the most 
important features we would need.

- we already handle tags in our PubSub service, using MAM filters, you can see 
it on my blog: http://www.goffi.org/

- while we have not the most beautiful web interface with Libervia (SàT web 
frontend), Movim one is pretty popular and mobile friendly, it would be easy 
to map mailing list to PubSub blog and so use it as it is today

- we have everything in XMPP to handle sane mail threading

- we have already an IMAP/STMP server included in SàT, and SMTP gateway is 

> But I doubt that this is feasible, nor within our abilities.

Let me prove you wrong then ;)

> On the other hand: Why start from scratch when you could simply add
> "XMPP support" to Discourse. That way, you would piggyback on the
> massive user base and traction Discourse already has, and make XMPP
> known to a wider audience. You could start with features like XMPP
> notifications for new posts on subscribed Discourse threads, and
> exposing threads via MIX. It think that would be awesome.

It's not starting from scratch at all. We are not that visible in the XMPP 
community because people are mostly focusing on chat, but we have done a huge 
and constant work during the last years.
I actually think it would be much more work to integrate (well) XMPP in an 
existing software, instead of adding the few missing features in existant XMPP 

> Starting yet another forum/mailing list software from scratch just
> because there is none based on XMPP doesn't sound like something worth
> putting effort in.

To me it worths it as it is one of our main goals anyway. And again, it's not 
starting from scratch.

> - Florian


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