[Members] Board Minutes, 20170215

JC Brand jc at opkode.com
Wed Feb 15 16:40:12 UTC 2017

XSF Council Minutes: 15 February 2017

Present: daniel, Tobias, Link Mauve, SamWhited

1). Vote on accepting https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/sasl2.html as Experimental XEP

Link Mauve, daniel, Tobias and SamWhited all said that they'll vote on the list.

2) Vote on accpeting https://xmpp.org/extensions/inbox/ibr2.html as Experimental XEP

Link Mauve, daniel, Tobias all said that they'll vote on the list.
SamWhited mentioned that he has merged changes into that XEP.
SamWhited abstains from voting since he's the author of the XEP.

3) Vote on issuing Last Call on https://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0381.html

That's the Internet-of-Things Special Interest Group (IoT SIG).
+1 from Tobias, Link Mauve, SamWhited and daniel.

4) Pull Request: Clarify CSI and Carbons state after SM resumption (regarding https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/402 )

SamWhited mentioned that the author never replied, so it's up to the council to
decide if such outstanding pull requests should get merged.

daniel is -1 when considered in its current form, mentions that he doesn't want
to bump the Carbons version number just for that.

Tobias mentions that both Carbons and CSI are experimental and therefore don't
need council agreement to be changed.

Daniel says that either the council or the author should approve.

Tobias says that ideally the author should approve and if he or she is not
available, then a new volunteering author is desired.

SamWhited, as editor, will reach out to try and find people if the author
doesn't respond.

SamWhited and Tobias will read the PR and provide feedback.

Daniel notes that there are other carbons changes pending that might require a
namespace bump and which could be included.

5) Vote on "Last Call" status for XEP-0186: Invisibility

+1 from SamWhited, Tobias and Link Mauve
daniel will do research and vote via the mailing list.

6) the Last Calls for XEP-0333 and XEP-0368 ended

SamWhited mentions that there is passive tense security related language for
XEP-0368 that is misleading or confusing.

LC for XEP-0368 has been extended by one week to give time to discuss and make

SamWhited confirms to Tobias that no update has been received for XEP-0333, and
that ping the author or otherwise put out a call for someone else to take over.
Daniel mentions that he can take over if the original author doesn't respond.
The LC for XEP-0333 has been extended.

7) Any other business:

Daniel says he wants to merge https://github.com/xsf/xeps/pull/420

Tobias says that if the authors don't respond to feedback/PRs anymore then the
council should ask the XEP Editor to look for new authors.

**Tobias bangs the gavel

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