[Members] Public branding: "XMPP" or "Jabber"?

Georg Lukas georg at op-co.de
Wed Jul 19 14:08:19 UTC 2017


in the past, there was much confusion among users about whether Jabber
or XMPP is the right term for what we do, and even if those are
interchangeable or might mean totally different things.

I'd like to ask the board (or to cast a vote among the whole XSF
membership, or whoever is responsible) to define our idea of when to use
the terms "XMPP" and "Jabber", especially when talking to non-technical
people (read: in the UI of our applications).

I'd love to go forward with "jabber" used similarly to "email" today,
with "XMPP" being reserved for places where you would encounter "SMTP"
or "IMAP".

However, for that to work out we need to clean up and streamline the
jabber trademark usage guidelines. Currently, stpeter is still listed as
the contact person for trademark questions - this might not be
appropriate any more - do we need a new trademark hat bearer?

The trademark rules and conditions are a mess of pages with much
legalese and many 404 links
(https://github.com/xsf/xmpp.org/issues/203). If the board finds a new
contact person for such issues, I'd volunteer to clean up the pages,
redirections and links, and try to remove duplication from there.

Still, the amount of legalese you need to read to know how to
appropriately use the trademark is sufficient to scare non-lawyers.

It would be great if we could streamline this process (and maybe even
relax the trademark usage conditions - or is the 250/500$ fee a revenue
stream that the XSF relies on?).

It would be great to have a visible TL;DR paragraph for software
developers telling them how to use the trademark and whether they need
to apply, and it would be even greater if we could just do automatic
approval for software that fulfills the respective compliance suite du

Thanks very much,

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