[Members] wiki.xmpp.org data recovery

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Wed Jun 21 20:01:33 UTC 2017

Le mercredi 21 juin 2017, 19:10:41 CEST Arc Riley a écrit :
> After a great deal of frustration, our wiki is back online as of this
> morning. Make sure to buy Kev (and the rest of the team) a beer for their
> many hours of work on this.
> Unfortunately, the data of the previous wiki was not being backed up. Much
> of the wiki was backed up by Google and archive.org, but in HTML format:
> http://ayena.de/files/wiki.xmpp.org/web/ (Google cache, collected by Tobias)
> https://web.archive.org/ (wayback machine)
> As a group we can make light work of this if everyone re-adds the page(s)
> that are important to them. Please coordinate on xsf at muc.xmpp.org to avoid
> edit collisions.
> Since all account information has been lost, please send your name, e-mail
> address, and preferred nickname to Alex or Kev, who will be happy to create
> an account for you.

Hi, thank you for this work.

It's a bit dirty, but Pandoc can convert XHTML to mediawiki format, it would 
save a log of work I think.


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