[Members] Membership Application period Q2 2017

Alexander Gnauck gnauck at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 10:01:57 UTC 2017

we discussed this during the last board meeting and thought it would be 
better to keep the separate.
Otherwise we would end up with a high volume of reapplications in Q3 and 
none or very low number in Q2.

I will announce Q3 applications period when we start voting, and try to 
shorten the application period a bit. We should be on track again soon.


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>Alex, thanks for handling the election process, as always.
>Because of the delay, I'm wondering if it makes sense to do the Q2 and
>Q3 application periods together. But I suppose this is not a problem.
>On 6/26/17 11:32 AM, Alexander Gnauck wrote:
>>the application is back at:
>>The following members have to reapply for Q2:
>>* Emmanuel Gil Peyrot
>>* Guus der Kinderen
>>* Nicolas Vérité
>>* Marcelo Terres
>>* Davide Conzon
>>* Artur Hefczyc
>>* Martin Hewitt
>>* Wojciech Kapcia
>>* Dariel Kremov
>>* Mickaël Rémond
>>* Arc Riley
>>* Kevin Smith
>>* Andrzej Wójcik
>>* Florian Zeitz
>>please create your application page on the Wiki until *July 16th*.
>>All existing accounts are gone with the new Wiki. Please contact me
>>directly per Email with your preferred nickname for a new Wiki 
>>Sorry for the inconvenience.
>>Alexander Gnauck
>>xmpp:gnauck at jabber.org <mailto:gnauck at jabber.org>
>>email:gnauck at gmail.com

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