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Florian Schmaus flo at geekplace.eu
Wed Mar 1 20:53:22 UTC 2017

On 01.03.2017 21:30, Dave Cridland wrote:
> I would like these to use the same communications tool - or at least
> have a strong commonality. Some of these communities have faded away,
> somewhat, because despite our goal of having a federated
> communications protocol we don't actually federate between those
> communities. I'd rather people joined the community as a whole and we
> allowed some discussions to span multiple communities easily - being
> able to tag conversations and alert, say, standards-folk to an
> operators discussion would be really useful.

My vision is to have at one point all Mailing Lists under Discourse.
IMHO it makes no sense to create yet another discussion venue. Although
if consensus requires having standards@, members@ and others still at
mail.jabber.org, then I'm happy to go down that route.

> I would like to see "classic" mailing list access continue. They may -
> and indeed are - old fashioned, but they're a very useful interface
> for long-form discussion, and email remains the ultimate in
> offline-first, mobile friendly, etc.

I'm happy to repeat myself: As far as I am aware, Discourse can act as
drop-in replacement for Mailman/Mailing Lists [1]. So the mailing lists
would continue to exist. (I do love Mailing Lists too).

> I'd like to see more use of XMPP. XMPP can be used for long-form,
> asynchronous discussions; countless public work has proven that as
> well as Surevine's internal work. Examples are Movim and Buddycloud.
> It'd buy us federation capability, as well as bringing efforts like
> this centre-stage. I happen to strongly believe that MIX is a key
> ingredient to making this awesome.

Right. Although I believe that adding XMPP support to Discourse would be
a far more valuable approach. And I never saw Buddycloud fly. It was a
nice vision and the main reason I became involved in (a)Smack. I also
had a self hosted version. But I can not image it being a alternative to
Discourse. Same goes for Movim and salut-a-toi. I doubt that a small
spare time developer team will be able to create something that the
full-time paid developers and open-source contributors years to achieve.

> There is a large population out there who would prefer a web
> interface. I don't think a web interface is very hard, from a
> technical standpoint - I do think a web interface that won't have a
> cultural gap with mailing list style is going to be hard.

I do think a good, useable web interface is hard. At least as hard as a
good UI/UX for XMPP clients. And I can think of three clients who fall
into this category (out of dozens). Although I admit, this is highly

> But most importantly, let's write down some use-cases and - dare I say
> it - user stories, and then consider what existing tools might fit,
> rather than pick one particular project and decide to bend our
> behaviour to fit it.

All the uses cases I can think of are served by Discourse.

- Florian

1: I can't guarantee that there is a Mailing List Feature/Header that
people love which is not supported by Discourse. That is something we
have to test.

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