[Members] Board Minutes 2017-03-15

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Mar 15 17:54:01 UTC 2017

Present: Ralph (Chair), Martin, Arc, Nyco, Matt (although distracted).

These minutes have not been approved by the board and have no official standing.

1. XSF Officers

Ralph noted that the bylaws state that the Board will have an Annual
Meeting to appoint officers. This includes the ED, but also the
Secretary and Treasurer. Dave noted the Chair was also an Officer,
though Ralph, as Chair, noted that this position was already filled.

There was some discussion about the distinction between the CEO (Chief
Executive Officer) and the ED (Executive Director).

After some discussion about how to select candidates, Ralph proposed
discussing the role with Peter.

Ralph ended the discussion by proposing the Board thank Peter for the
huge amount of work he has done as ED and the inspiration he's brought
to the community.

This was passed unanimously.

2. Deprecation of depreciated software

Ralph commented that a lot of talk has happened, and we need to have
people doing this now. Jonas pointed out the website PR, and Tobias
agreed this should be reviewed and put into action.

Arc suggested that an announcement be made to encourage maintainers to
reapply for inclusion. Georg suggested putting out the announcement
now, with an expiry of one month. Arc agreed. Kev suggested this would
be sufficient action to deal with the immediate problem.

Arc also suggested the Council produce a 2018 recommended list of
XEPs. Georg suggested this was completely orthogonal.

Kev proposed a post of jdev@ and standards@ and members@ mailing
lists, plus a note on the page about how it's generated would be more
than sufficient.

Ralph agreed and called for a vote.

Arc, Nyco, Martin all voted for this.

Georg offered to draft a message, and Ralph asked for this to be sent
to Board initially.

3. AOB

Kev noted that there needs to be some clarity on who owns, and takes
responsibility for, the website. He noted that the content is clearly
the province of the Board directly, but the generation of the site is
currently performed on the webserver itself, and the code performing
this task ought to require iteam review.

At the same time, iteam did not have veto over the generation code
being deployed to the website in the first case, causing some
friction, and complications with reviewing changes.

Jonas noted that generation code could be moved into a distinct git
repository, and there was some discussion about off-site generation,
alleviating some of the issues.

Arc and Ralph agreed the discussion was important, and suggested
further discussion was needed.

4. Ite, Meeting Est.

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