[Members] Board Minutes 20170322

Dave Cridland dave at cridland.net
Wed Mar 22 17:44:45 UTC 2017

Present: Ralph, Martin, Arc, Matt, Nyco.

These minutes have not been approved by the Board and have no official status.

0) Agenda Bashing

Ralph noted the Trello board was in need of cleaning up. People raised:

* PyCon
* Removal of deprecated software
* MeetUps
* Sponsors
* "Guus's calendar"

1) Sponsors and FOSDEM financial resolution

Ralph said he had a big todo on this for his expenses and the money
raised from sales at FOSDEM.

Arc noted he needs reimbursing for dinner.

Ralph suggested sending everything to PSA.

2) Deprecation

Georg noted that he'd sent an email, but Ralph suspected it had been
lost in moderation. Georg provided a URI to the text. Ralph reviewed
and though it looked fine, although the signoff needed to be personal.

Matt, Martin, and Arc all agreed to go ahead, modulo Kev's input from
iteam and the PR (#278) being merged.

Nyco dissented.

3) PyCon

Arc said we have the booth, so we need to start gathering materials to
do it well, and any "demo" type stuff - ideally, this could be reused
at other conferences - and any other large items like beanbags that
can be stored stateside. Ralph suggested invoking the SCAM™ team
(Summits Conferences And Meetups work team).

Arc noted there is a free PyCon pass available for an XSF member
willing to help out with the booth.

There was some discussion about what SCAM™ was, and who were members.

Ralph suggested an action point was to actually put people on it. Arc
volunteered. Nyco had concerns as to whether there was interest, but
Arc noted that a concrete project and deadline might help crystalize

The Board noted that member volunteers for the SCAM™ Work Team are welcome.

4) AOB


5) Date of Next

+1W, anchored to UTC, so 1700Z (1800 BST, 1900 CEST, etc).

6) Ite, meeting est

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