[Members] Renaming XEP status 'Draft' to 'Stable'

Matthew Wild mwild1 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 1 12:35:48 UTC 2017

Guus der Kinderen recently sparked a discussion about revising our XEP
statuses for better clarity about their intention (thread at

Although the thread contains a number of points made by various
people, te proposal emerged around renaming the "Draft" status to
"Stable", with the reasoning that it better represents the way the
status is understood and used.

The XSF Board is required to approve changes, such as this, to the XEP
standards process documented in XEP-0001. The Board is happy to
consider this change if a positive response is received from the
community of both XEP authors and members of the community who use and
refer to XEPs.

As such, I've prepared a change of XEP-0001 here:

Feedback on this change is encouraged before the Board (or possibly
the next Board) vote to approve it.

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