[Members] 2017-11-30 XSF Board meeting minutes

Guus der Kinderen guus.der.kinderen at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 15:46:56 UTC 2017

These are the minutes of the XSF Board meeting that took place on November
30, 2017.

A chat archive of this meeting is available at


   - Ralph Meijer
   - Matthew Wild
   - Guus der Kinderen
   - Martin Hewitt

1) Minute taker

   - Guus der Kinderen

2) Appointment of Officers

The XSF Board intends to re-appoint the Secretary, Treasurer and Executive
Director. It was noted that Peter Saint-Andre has expressed his intention
to step down as Executive Director. Board agreed to invite the other
Officers to continue in their role for another term.

3) Topics for decisions

Board has previously expressed a desire for consensus on the subject of
renaming the XEP status of Draft to Stable. No consensus was reached in the
following discussion. Board has now removed the current proposal from its
list of topics for discussion.

4) Commitments

   - Guus agrees to invite, via email, the current Secretary and Treasurer
   for a continuation of their term.
   - Ralph will write an email for searching for a replacement Executive
   - Guus will check for any updates on the pre-existing "Director and
   Officer insurance" commitment

5) Items for discussion

All pre-existing backlog items were reviewed, and either rescheduled or

6) Date of Next

Thursday, December 7th, 2:30pm (London time), which was agreed to be the
new default time slot for Board meetings, unless Nico, who has not yet
expressed any preference, objects.


Guus will remove the stale data from the Board page on the XSF wiki.
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