[Members] Board Meeting Minutes 20171004

Jonas Wielicki jonas at wielicki.name
Wed Oct 4 16:55:52 UTC 2017

Present: Martin, Nyco, Arc, MattJ
Minutes: Yours truly

1. Topics for decision

There are none.

2. Commitment list

2.1. Council & Board elections

Those have been started by Alex.

Guus mentions that board could reach out to non-members.

3. Items for discussion

3.1. Discuss renaming 'Draft' to 'Stable'

This is in response to a discussion on the standards@ mailing list [1].

Arc is unsure whether Board is the right body to decide this. Dave brings up 
that XEP-0001 is managed by Board, and this would require a change to 

The mailing list thread has come to an end (no further replies). MattJ 
mentions he doesn’t want to make a decision without a specific proposal backed 
by members. Martin, Arc and nyco +1 this.

MattJ will post such a proposal to the mailing list.

3.2. Outsource trademark license application decisions from board to separate 

Ge0rG proposed this during the time where Board did not meet regularly.

Martin thinks that this is not necessary currently. Nobody objects. Jonasw (as 
the only one affected during the period of low board meetings) agrees.

4. AOB

Martin won’t be able to attend the next 3 board meetings due to holidays.

5. Time & date of next



   [1]: https://mail.jabber.org/pipermail/standards/2017-September/033441.html
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